Time to say Goodbye to The Anti Girly Girl Blog

Blogging Future

Hello Everyone,

Yes you read that right, I am retiring from blogging but I never rule out a return down the line. For now, I want to focus more on doing better photos and learning some new editing skills. I have also found the past few months that I want to explore the more creative side of doing photos in SL and blogging has become less appealing so after six years I am saying goodbye to the Anti Girly Girly Blog.

I want to say a big thank to everyone who has taken the time to look at my blog, followed, supported, encouraged and enjoyed what I created here. It’s been an amazing journey and I have met a lot of amazing people and saw another side of SL.

I also want to thank everyone who gave me a chance to blog their creations, some when I was just starting out. Even when I sent them an NC about retiring and going on a different path, they all encouraged me, wished me luck and were very supportive. ❤

I am going to take a real vacation until the first of the year so I can focus on the holidays in RL and at my club, Sanctuary of Rock.

Those that follow my Flickr, I’ll see you soon….Those that follow my blog, thank you and see you around.  ❤

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