The Creative Concepts of Second Life Coming Soon

Guess who’s back? lol

Alot has changed since I shut down my Anti Girly Girl blog, I’m working for Seraphim as features manager and SOR has gotten alot busier since October but I’m missing the creative outlet I get when I do photos and blog so I am going to start again using the lessons I learned the first time around so things will be different with this blog.

One of the reasons I stopped blogging was deadlines, even though I only had the club there was times where I stopped enjoying what I was doing because of the pressure of getting things blogged on time. With my health issues it was getting more and more difficult so I won’t be applying to blog for anyone. I appreciate and will always be grateful to every single creator that took a chance on a club girl who wanted to try something different. Without them it would have been a short lived blog and I wouldn’t have learned so much. The other challenge I had with blogging for someone was I never wanted to say anything negative about them, which is  not to say I was going to or will ever blast anyone but if something doesn’t fit right, the rigging is off or anything that a blogger should mention I didn’t out of respect to those giving me that chance. We’re all human, mistakes happen to everyone so as bloggers if we see something we should point it out to the readers which I intend on doing from now on. As I said I won’t be blasting anyone but let my readers know if a product has a flaw. Apologies to any creator that feels that’s not fair to them but before I post I will always message the creator to let them know first.

The other big change will be how often I post, it might be a couple days a week, once a week, once a month. I will not post anything I feel pressured to do. I love being creative and trying different things so I want to be able to take my time, enjoy the process and get it exactly how I want it without any “omg! I need to get this done by…”

I’m also going to write about the things I know about, experience, places I stumble across and everything else that makes up this amazing world we get to play in. I want to get better at writing and the only way to do that is practice.

I will continue with Role Play and Fantasy styles but it won’t be 100% what this blog is about. 🙂

I hope you enjoy this new adventure and if there is anything you would like to see feel free to comment and I can do my best.

Lainey ❤

P.S. Fantasy Faire is coming soon!! \o/

2 responses to “The Creative Concepts of Second Life Coming Soon”

  1. so awesome to see you doing well, not sure what happened.,,, but i get it. wish you the best, lovely as well


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