Mad World

Mad World

These are very difficult days for all of us right now so now more than ever we need to look out for each other. SL is OUR community and everyone is our people! It doesn’t matter if you live in Germany, Scotland, England, Japan, Turkey, etc, we are all one, humans and we are all dealing with the same thing. Let us be there for each other and try to show more compassion and understanding to everyone.

Its also extremely hard for those who were already dealing with health issues, especially those who deal with depression & anxiety. The things they would normally do to pull themselves out of that dark place isn’t an option so they are trying to deal with all the stress, frustration, fear and trying to stay safe on top of everything else.

If you feel yourself sitting on that edge of the dark abyss, IM a friend, go shopping, go to a club, chat in VIPs chat or Discord but don’t let that darkness take control and if you have a friend that seems off or sad or not themselves, check on them, TP them to your home and talk, give them a hug and let them know we’re going to get through this. Let kindness shine through with everyone because that one moment you do with someone might turn there whole day around.

Also, turn off the news! There is knowing what’s going on and then there’s watching too much coverage that drags you down mentally.

Things this past week have gotten worse and its starting to show in SL, that can’t be avoided but before you start arguing with someone or bitch out a creator because a dress isn’t rigged correctly or a DJ won’t play your favorite song, show them compassion and understanding because you just don’t know what they’re dealing with in RL.

We don’t know how long the virus is going to keep all of us confined and dealing with unusual circumstances so let’s all try to support and lean on one another.

And stay safe! We don’t want to lose anyone from our community. ❤


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