Fantasy Faire 2020 is HERE!!

Fairelands Junction

Once again, rising from the Mists, the Fairelands are here to delight us with eighteen of the most creative fantasy worlds of wonder in all of Second Life.

One of my favorite days in SL for many, many years has always been seeing the Fantasy Faire sim designs, but this year it was for a very different reason.

My good friend, Briony, applied to work on a sim for Fantasy Faire, it was her first time applying and like anyone, she was excited but also a little apprehensive if she could do it, like any first time builder, designer, blogger, vlogger, etc. We all went through the omg am I good enough or will I have enough time or the 100 other things that we all come up with when something is new and important to us.

FF 2020 - Melusina's DepthsMelusina’s Depths

The one thing I know about Bri is she works her butt off, I should know, I worked with her at MainstoreSL for almost 2 years, we work together at Seraphim and she DJs at SOR,  I can say, without any doubt that when she takes on a job of any kind, she gives 110%. There was no doubt in my mind that whatever she designed would be perfect and look amazing.

Yesterday I was finally able to see Melusina’s Depths, Region by Briony Writer & childofpreservex. Yay!!! I was so happy seeing their design and its fantastic!!! I snapped a couple photos but like anything with Fantasy Faire, you need to see it to really appreciate the creativity, imagination, talent, dedication, heart and soul all the designers put into the creations for Fantasy Faire.

Today is day 1 but you only have until May 10th to shop, explore, attend parties, check out some role play….what I’m saying is it might seem like alot of time but its NOT!!! Don’t waste time, go to Fantasy Faire right now!, check out all the amazing creations and support their fight again Cancer! Support Fantasy Faire, Relay for Life and the American Cancer Society. Cancer needs to be wiped out!

FF 2020 - Melusina's DepthsMelusina’s Depths


FF 2020 - Agra AdaraAgra Adara


FF 2020 - AutumniumAutumnium


FF 2020 - Auxentios' Pass
Auxentios’ Pass


FF 2020 - CassiopeiaCassiopeia


FF 2020 - ElemariaElemaria


FF 2020 - HeliodorHeliodor


FF 2020 - Isle of ShadowsIsle of Shadows


FF 2020 LunaFaeLunaFae


FF 2020 - Mistakes Were Made!Mistakes Were Made!


FF 2020 - Sirens LoreSirens Lore


FF 2020- The Lamented FensThe Lamented Fens


FF 2020 - ZodiacZodiac

See you at the Faire! ❤

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