Memories & Regrets

Memories & Regrets

“Life brings tears, smiles, and memories. The tears dry, the smiles fade, but the memories last forever.”
~ Unknown

What is your first memory? We all have so many throughout our lives, some are good, others are not so good and then there are the ones that you wish you could forget. I’ve been thinking a lot about memories lately and I don’t have enough good memories, not even close. When we’re old and gray, waiting for our final days to arrive we will be comforted by the wonderful memories we made during our life, the people who crossed our paths, the things we fought for, believed in, and all the times of laughter and joy. Sounds pretty good? Maybe, maybe not!

Yes those amazing ones will be there but there will also be regrets, its inevitable to look back and think how you should have reacted completely different, listened more & talked less and even times you shouldn’t have said anything. It won’t just be one part of your life but in all aspects, there are always decisions you will make about your career, money, friends, kids, etc.

So how do we avoid regrets? How do we make sure no matter what our situation is, we can look back and still have a lifetime of happy memories with few regrets?

I’m not sure but I think some of us need to learn to forgive ourselves, not excuse or blow it off as part of growing but really forgive and realize that you are not your mistakes, you are not defined by your mistakes, and you still have the power to do better, at least I hope.

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