The Hunter

The Hunter

We ❤ Role opened a few days ago and as always it’s another fabulous round with so much epic goodness. I can’t love this event enough and it is one of the few that never disappoints.

One of my favorites from this round is from Jangka! I think each release just gets better and better! When I put on the new Hawkeyes Outfit I thought it would make a great pirate outfit but I’ve done a few different pirate looks so I wanted to do something different. Next time I logged in I thought it would be perfect for a Musketeer but I couldn’t find a good Cavalier hat. I went all over SL and the marketplace but I failed at finding one so I messaged one of my fellow shopaholics and he mentioned checking out Raven Bell. (Thank you R.C!) They had a hat that was created for a collaboration with Contraption but as much as I loved the skulls it wasn’t Musketeer material and then I remembered the Mancers Orb gloves from an old Remarkable Oblivion gacha. It all just fit perfectly and gave me a look that I think works so well together for a hunter. Not a witch hunter cause I’m not about to hunt myself. lol

The one thing that has always hampered me is I get ideas in my head of a look but then can’t find what I wanted to use for it or the exact pose I want. It can be frustrating but this time it all came together perfectly. I hope you like it and can find something you might want to add to your next look.

Thank you to Jangka for the awesome new outfit!

You can only find it at We ❤ Role Play!

Also wearing:

ContraptioN The Five Graves hat
Sold at Raven Bell also and does come with just the hat and hat w. hair.

Stealthic Sultry (Browns)

LeLutka Bento Head-MAY

LEGACY Meshbody (f) (1.2.1)

RealEvil Esprit Choker – Common

Jangka Hawkeyes Outfit Orange [Legacy] @ We ❤ Role Play
Comes with Legacy, Maitreya & Signature.
Jangka Hawkeyes Boots Orange [Legacy] @ We ❤ Role Play
Comes with Legacy, Maitreya & Signature.

Remarkable Oblivion The Illusionist – Mancers Orb Container – RARE

CerberusXing Crucifix Corridor

Love Animated Fog Mist

Poseidon The Raven 4rev

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