Dark Angel

Dark Angel

“When you meet a dark angel don’t you ever for one minute believe they are bad because
they have faced the worst demons and lived to guide you through yours. It really isn’t an easy job they
have been asked to do, but then neither was standing on the front line during the war in heaven.”
~ Shannon L. Alder

LeLUTKA Fleur Head 2.5

Go&See * Elen * Pagan Bom

Skoll – Levira Eyebrows


Vegas Tattoo Applier Born to Die

Ana Poses – Rubin 5 Facepaint


LEGACY Meshbody (f) Special Edition (1.3)

Nar Mattaru . Dark Arts Tattoos

amias – EDANA 1 black

UC Shaleen_corset_black_Legacy

Blueberry – Dynamite – Leggings On Steroids – BlackDark

UC Shaleen_collar_black_Legacy

MANDALA Leather Feather earring/Black

Goth1c0: Not for the Weak – Pierced Wings

Masoom Roux Bento Black

Ana Poses – Rubin 5

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