The Art of Writing

The Art of Writing

 “Let me not be blamed for the script, for the ink is bad, and the vellum defective, and the day is dark.”
~ Victoria Lord, The Medieval Scribe and the Art of Writing

Roawenwood Writer’s Desk
13 singles animations, writing, reading, sitting & more! Auto attaches props and rezzes desk accessories for each pose. You can change the blotter texture using a menu when you sit at the desk. The candles are included!

Icaland Book Candleholder

Laminak – Tavern Tankard Jug Set – Dispenser – Pewter and Wood

Fanatik Brazier (comes with the Dungan Castle)

Eri o vaR scrib medieval bookcase

Distant Soil Designs Scribe Blue Caste Carpet

LeLUTKA .Head.Guy 3.4

Signature Gianni Body

Speakeasy Jacob Shape

Dura U91

Hopeless Gorean & Medieval Clothing Viktor ~ Ocean

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