GolGothica – Dark Fantasy Role Play

GolGothica – Dark Fantasy Role Play

Golgothicas story has yet to be written. It does not contain a cut and dried storyline or well-defined character types. The detailed, mysterious, Gothic landscape will hopefully inspire those who come here to discover with others what its story is and why things are as they are. It is an open book, the first chapter is a simple description of the place and the locations. But who lives here, what they do, and why, is in the creative minds of those who come to dwell here. What is your story, how did you come to be here, what is this place? It is called Golgothica.
~ Introduction NC you can pick up at the landing point.

The notecard also contains the first chapter of the story playing out during role play but you’ll have to check that out for yourself. 

Another notecard you can grab at the landing point is about huds & meters and how they don’t make role play.

The following is just me thinking aloud and passing on some personal opinions which arose as an unspoken reply to a short exchange of IM’s I had with someone who seemed to think that RP sims that did not have a Games system, HUD, combat meter etc, attached were doomed to failure. Now although this may well be true, there was also an implied sense that RP now had to have such a system or it was not really RP.

It’s a long read but after reading it I feel like this is a place that I would want to learn more about.

There wasn’t much going on while I was there but from the sign at the landing point, they seem to be fairly new.

The sim design fits very well with the theme but finding your way around can be a bit of a challenge at first, once you figure it out you’ll have no problem.

I hope to see them take off and continue the great story they have started.

Here’s the landmark for GolGothica so you can check it out for yourself.

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