Guardian of the Forest

Guardian of the Forest

Hello Everyone,

The big news that everyone seems to be talking about is Linden Labs’ policy change on gachas. If you missed it you can read it here. Reactions seem to be mixed, some applaud the decision and others are angry about the change. So at the end of this month, there will be no more gachas. Right now everyone is having sales on their gachas and some will be repackaging them into fatpacks but you will no longer be able to resell and some are going to release items for purchase.

I’ve always had a love/hate relationship with Gachas, I am old enough to remember a world without them and we did just fine. When Gachas were introduced they were fun but after so many years I am glad to see them going away and I hope this means we will get fantastic releases that we can buy outright. It always sucks when you want one thing out of the machine. I do resell my extras (gotta support my gacha habit somehow) so eventually, that will end and I’m good with that too.

Gacha machines will disappear from the grid at the end of the month and we will also say goodbye to all those gacha events. No more Arcade, no more Gacha Garden or Epiphany. I’m sure there are already thinking about what they can do with their events in the future.

So for the next few weeks play your gacha hearts out and know the end is in sight.

For this post, I wanted to show off what Petrichor has at Epiphany until August 12th.

Featuring Petrichor

Petrichor – Matevari Gatcha NEW @ The Epiphany
Sizes: HG, Lara, V-Tech, Legacy, Perky, Freya, Kupra Original
Gacha key included at the bottom of this post.

Petrichor – Alora Overlays @ Mainstore

Thank you very much Vae ♥♥♥

Flickr Group

Lelutka Briannon Head 3.0

LUMAE – Lelutka – Eden – ARECA

A R T E – Ronja Eyebrows [LeLutka Evolution]

Broadwing ~{Flawed Eyeliner}

Fallen Gods Inc.+ Blessed by the North, Face Green Ink (old gacha release)

DOUX – Joya hairstyle

LEGACY Meshbody (f) Perky Edition

@ HEXtraordinary Mainstore

HEXtraordinary Fae Drake – Forest – Wanderer

HEXtraordinary Cozy Dragonet – Emerald

HEXtraordinary Dragon Whelp – Emerald

Celtic Myst– Enchanted Forest

Khaos Muse: Walls, Throne & Tree Forest – Deep Forest (75L each)

Bauhaus Movement – (Screa-ming) Harder-Faster-Better-Louder 43

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