Thoughts of You

Thoughts of You

“I carry thoughts of you like my own personal constellation. How far away
you are, my dearest friend, but no farther than those fixed stars in my soul.”
~ Lisa Kleypas



@Mainstore Soon

:[P]:- Merusine Top & Collar Colors

:[P]:- Merusine Sleeves Colors

:[P]:- Merusine Skirt & Panty Colors


:[P]:- Pearedine Pearly Bindi

:[P]:- Vaera Claws – Female

:[P]:- Vaera Nailpolish – Valcinei

Thank you very much Vae ♥♥♥
Landmark|Website|Flickr|Flickr Group|Discord

Lelutka Briannon Head 3.0 (in evo mode)

Skoll – Darcy Eyebrows

YOSHI – Ultaar Eyes – FatPack-04

DOUX – Sophie hairstyle

LEGACY Meshbody (f) Perky Edition

Fallen Gods Inc. – Oceanica [xx] + Bio Pacific, Pearl

Milk Motion – Ancient bathing pool

Luane’s World Bento Poses – Thought of You (Fly By Friday Sale)
Minor neck adjustment using Amacci Neck Pose HUD

Bauhaus Movement – The Ever Unreached 52

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