Ostara’s Blessing

Speak, Ostara, of hope and growth – your gifts to us.
Teach me the ways of light
and reveal the path of illumination
as I prepare to transcend.
Shedding my cold winter skin,
I activate my sanctity,
burning away what no longer serves me.
I emerge from my hibernation,
awaken my dormant energy,
and blossom with the spring.
Amen, A’ho, So it is.

~ Sage Goddess


Ostara’s Altar (opens April 15th)

Raindale – Shadowstone portal NEW
Full portal is 8Li, portal without platform – 5Li, platform – 2Li. Texture change HUD with 8 options for stone (main and small rocks), 10 options for metal and 8 options for portal (animated) included. You can also use your own static image for the portal.

Love – Ostara Statue NEW

CELESTE – Stone Orb Lamp NEW

STERNBERG – Equinox Staff NEW

Also used:

noctis – Ostara wreath/day

Roawenwood – Ostara Basket

CIRCA – “Ostara” – Spring Alter Offering – In Skye

CIRCA – “Ostara” Bowl Vase – Lily Plant & Clover – In Sage (old hunt gift)

LORE Moon String Lights (old hunt gift)

[PR] Sparkles Spiral Rain – Silver

Synnergy– Wonderland Backdrop (edited– yay for being able to modify \o/)

2 responses to “Ostara’s Blessing”

  1. I´ve already mentioned how I love this one^^ gosh but I can´t find the wreath at noctis …*considers necromancy* (no I don´t ^^ I´m too good for that XD) I love your thorough crediting btw^^

    Liked by 1 person

    1. lol we might be dark but think we both aren’t cut out for necromancy. I love the Noctis wreath but I’m so sorry its not available. Maybe we can bribe the creator to bring it back? Its worth a shot. lol Thank you for all your fantastic comments Akasha…I appreciate them so much ♥♥♥


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