Fantasy Faire is HERE!

Fantasy Faire is HERE!

From the ashes of the abyss, the Fantasy Faire regions have once again risen from the mists to give us endless shopping, special events, music, parties and so much more.

IMO it is the super bowl of events in Second Life and one that holds a very special place in my heart. Every year I look forward to this event! From start to finish it brings people together from all over SL like no other.

Necturn Moon

What also makes it extra special is the bonds & friendships that are formed before, during, and after.

My favorite part of every single Fantasy Faire is getting to see the creativity and amazing design the world builders come up with. It is always so awe-inspiring for me since I still can only make a box. lol There always find a way to bring something bigger and better than the previous year. This year is no different.


I took some photos yesterday when they opened the sim up for their annual preview and I get to show them to you but GO VISIT!! Go explore, hang out, listen to the awesome tunes all the DJs bring, drag your friends, and shop if you can!!

Live at The Fairechylde

This is all to raise lindens for the fight against cancer! A fight that needs to be won!

Fairelands Junction




Effervescent Clefs


Hunros Mine

Iridescent Keys

Living Echoes

Mythspire Ridge

Sunken Honey



The Carnelian Archive

The Chrysalis Gardens

The Clouded Mountains

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