Somebody’s Watching Me

Somebody’s Watching Me

“I always feel like somebody’s watchin’ me
And I have no privacy (Oh-oh-oh)
I always feel like somebody’s watchin’ me
Who’s playing tricks on me?”

~ Rockwell


Fantasy Faire

Special Appearance by The Panic Flamingo / Fantasy Faire 2022

Petrichor & Trap @FF22 – The Carnelian Archive

:[P]:- & TRAP – Nariverus F – Eremurusa *NEW*
The Nariverus Dryad skins come with a multitude of customization options and works with multiple head styles as well as EVO-X Compatible addons. You also get modesty covers, muscles, femboy chests, full and half face markings, and more as well as materials appliers for every major body type. This is a gorgeous skin with extra attention to the details.

:[P]:- Lakrina Ears Evox *NEW*
I am wearing the Evo X version which works for both male & female ears plus there is standalone mesh elven ears.

:[P]:- Togruah Outfit *NEW*
This badass outfit features leather bracers, legs, laced boots, body suit & belts and vest with an embossed huntress emblem on all pieces. You can purchase individual pieces, size fatpacks or all for discount.

:[P]:- Arys Necklace *NEW*

Thank you very much Vae ♥♥♥
Landmark|Website|Flickr|Flickr Group|Discord

KMH – Hair F195 *NEW* @ FF22 – Bassett Town
Thank you Kumibou Mayo ♥
Website (Japenese)|Flickr|Tumblr|Facebook|Twitter

Also wearing

Lelutka Briannon Head 3.0
Eye makeup worn is included in the Lelutka hud.

YOSHI – Sol Eyes – Teal

IVES – LeLU EvoX – TheFeels Lipgloss

LEGACY – Meshbody (f) Special Edition (1.4)

Petrichor – Vaera Claws

Petrichor – Vaera Nailpolish Pack – Chrystal & Darkmagic

Petrichor – Berylla Circlet

Go&See – HunBun – 2

Taken at Ippos Collective

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