About Me

Name: Lilith Von Hexem (LilithVon Hexem)

Blog Type: Second Life Fashion, Travel, Music & Lifestyle

Styles: Goth, Fantasy, Role Play, whatever I’m in the mood for. I tend to live on the dark side.

Blogging Experience: I’ve been blogging off and on for years. I’ve blogged for many creators and for many events over the years.

Favorite Event to Blog: Definitely Fantasy Faire! I’ve blogged every year since I started blogging and I look forward to it every year. I have loved all the events I’ve blogged for but Fantasy Faire is not like most events. After January 1st of every year the group chat becomes active, the designers start talking, encouraging each other and the joking around, its one of my favorite parts, you can see these creators like each other and can’t wait to get started. When they get stuck or the day isn’t going perfect they are they for each other with a laugh and a glass of wine to try to make the day a little better. Every single one of them is very passionate about the event and support it 110% during the entire run. They all spend time together dancing or going off cliffs in the party bus that Alia drives every year and its nonstop laughter! Fantasy Faire holds a very special place in my heart and I will continue to support this event as long as they’ll have me. If there’s an event you should take part in, its this one. It is also one of the best organized events I’ve ever been a part of. Closed til 2022!

I suffer with heart problems, chronic pain and Fibro, unfortunately my health issues do affect things at times. I might get knocked down but I don’t stay down for long.

My other Second Life Passion

What grabbed me my second day in world was the music and it still keeps me coming back. I’ve been involved in clubs since then, started as a host my second week, I found my home there among the music lovers from all over the world and the Djs I worked with I would talk music nonstop. Alot of them encouraged me to learn how to DJ, always had friendly advice and to this day still influence me as a DJ.

I am the last remaining original owner of Sanctuary of Rock and also owned Sanctuary Rock. I am the marketing/social media/sponsor manager and DJ occassionally.

I also DJ at Fantasy Faire and Fallen Gods annual Anniversary party in October.

I stay busy most of the time between blogging and SOR but always up for a good chat, hang out with friends & family and just have fun.

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