Catastrophic Failure

“It’s better to go down swinging than rolling over.”~ Amos Burton, The Expanse, Season 3: Dandelion Sky LeLUTKA  Fleur Head 2.5 PUMEC  – MARISHA – February Avi-Glam Lover’s Eyes – Silk with Psycho Pills – Elemental Eye // Addon Skoll Melanin magic Brows Skoll Calanthe Scar ANATOMY – Diablerie Makeup barberyumyum S16 LEGACY  Meshbody (f) … Continue reading Catastrophic Failure

Lone Wolf

“Be the wolf, the wolf is relentless, never quit and doesn’t look back.”~ Unknown We ❤ Role Play is back after a break last month, and back they are! Several new creators are in this round with some fantastic releases. You can check out their February Shopping Guide or even better, drop by! Today I … Continue reading Lone Wolf