The Red Woman

“We all must choose. Man or woman, young or old, lord or peasant, our choices are the same. We choose light or we choose darkness. We choose good or we choose evil. We choose the true god or the false.” ~ Melisandre, Game of Thrones   Mesh Head: Catwa (Catwa Clip) Bento Head Catya Head Applier: … Continue reading The Red Woman

Ready to Strike

“When one consorts with assassins, one must expect to dance along the edge of a knife once or twice.” ~ R.L. LaFevers   Mesh Head: Catwa (Catwa Clip) Bento Head Catya Head Applier: YourSkin & YourShape (Monicuzza Babenco) Rose Tone 03 Skin Applier For Catwa Heads Eye Shadow Applier: alaskametro (Alaska Metropolitan) “Black Magic” makeup – Catwa … Continue reading Ready to Strike

Elven King

“Moonlight drowns out all but the brightest stars.” ~ J.R.R Tolkien, The Lord of the Rings   Scene Bergfried Store (Markus Ditko) Elves Gazebo  @ Enchantment Roawenwood (Searlait Nitschke) Lhoris Living Set  @ Enchantment Comes with two different versions of the chair, decorative tables and flowers. Raindale (Keiralans) Elnaril floor candle holders  @ Enchantment Myth (Shay McAuley) Urn “Calla” @ Redeux Spell (lakua Arriaga) … Continue reading Elven King

His Kiss

“The sound of a kiss is not so loud as that of a cannon, but its echo lasts a great deal longer.” ~ Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr.   Mesh Head: Catwa (Catwa Clip) Bento Head Catya Head Applier: amara beauty (Shantia Soulstar) Debbie Skin Powder (Powder Pack Feb 2018) Omega Body appliers included. Eye Shadow Applier: Bold & Beauty (jourdanmcmillan) Eyeshadow (Catwa … Continue reading His Kiss