Fantasy Faire 2021 Tour


If Second Life had A Super Bowl, World Series, or Wrestlemania of events, Fantasy Faire would be it! I love all the events that we have year-round but none come close to being what Fantasy Faire is, what it does what it means to so many.

I’ve been blogging this event since 2013 and it’s the one event that I can say blows me away every single time and I’m saying that as someone who started as a shopper well before I even thought about blogging. I always say they really outdid themselves this year but it’s not just this year, it’s EVERY year and it’s not just in one area either. They make sure every single part of Fantasy Faire is top-notch, whether it’s the shopping, the sim designs, or the events they pack in during the two weeks they are open. Their attention to detail makes this yearly event a must-see for not only Fantasy lovers but for anyone who marvels at what someone or in this case what a group of creative minds can do.

I say this every year and I’ll say it in the future, don’t take my word for it! VISIT FANTASY FAIRE! Check out the sim designs, the shopping, and the events. There is something for everyone. ♥

Teleport to Faireland Junction

Fantasy Faire 2021 Shopping Guide

Role Play 2021 (they also will be having RP classes) Info

Arts & Entertain Info

Live at The FairChylde Party Schedule
I’ll be back once again to provide the soundtrack for the Jailing of Alia Baroque
(more info coming soon!)

The Literary Festival Info

There alot more going on during Fantasy Faire and the best place to keep up on all of it is their official website.

The Duchess & Duke of Devonshire

The Duchess & Duke of DevonshireFor Fantasy Faire Belle Epoque decided to visit the past when things were much simpler but also very complicated. The dress may have changed over the years but one thing that never changes is the capacity of the human race to make the simplest situation into being more complicated than it has to be.

The first week of Fantasy Faire came and went by so quickly! I hope everyone had a chance to check out some of the performances, classes, dj sets, or one of the other 500 things that go on during the faire. I keep saying it’s unlike any other event in SL. Would I lie to you? Nope, never!

We are in the final week so make sure you stop by and support a cause that is important to so many people around the world. 

Thank you for supporting Fantasy Faire and Relay for Life! ♥

Both outfits can be found only at Fantasy Faire!

Belle Epoque‘s The Duchess & Duke of Devonshire @ Fantasy Faire                                                       

Fantasy Faire 2020


Hello Everyone,

I know I said I wouldn’t be doing any events but there will always be an exception for Fantasy Faire. I tried not to apply, told all my friends and family that I was sad about having to miss it, I’m just too busy with Seraphim and SOR but when the apps opened I filling it out. lol

Fantasy Faire is unlike any event in Second Life and there are so many reasons the event will always be the exception.

I blogged FF for the first time in 2013, it was right after my RL Dad had passed away from cancer, they welcomed me with open arms and never blinked that I was barely a blogger. Over the years I’ve gotten to know alot of the people involved with Fantasy Faire and they all work extremely hard to make this the best event of the year.

My friend, Bri, is designing a sim this year and I can’t wait to see what she comes up with. She is nervous, excited, scared, worrying about messing up, the usual fears when we do something new but I know her, I worked with her at MainstoreSL and Seraphim so I know how hard she works, the attention to detail she always does so I have no doubt she will come up with something beautiful. 🙂

I’m excited to be part of this important event once again. Cancer is a black cloud that hangs over too many people, it not only affects the person who is diagnosed with it but their families and friends. For all of them, we have to get better treatments and a CURE!

Thank you Fantasy Faire for once again allowing me to be part of this amazing event. ❤


* * Fantasy Faire 2020, April 23 – May 10* *
A Benefit for the American Cancer Society

Many Realms – One Vision.
Fantasy Faire 2020: Building a World Without Cancer

Celebrating its twelfth year, Fantasy Faire 2020 is the largest gathering of fantasy designers, enthusiasts, role-players and performers in the virtual world. From Thursday, April 23 to Sunday May 10, treat yourself to shopping, dance and theater performances, DJ parties, auctions, questing, our Literary Festival, fantasy art, events and role-playing as thousands of Second Life residents and creators bring their own visions together to support the American Cancer Society’s vision of a world without cancer.

Our formal programming will conclude with our One Team dance party marathon on Tuesday, May 5th, but now we invite you to join us for an additional week of shopping, questing, and exploring as the Fairelands will be open through Sunday, May 10th. That’s a total of eighteen days of the Faire – and you never know when something unexpected might happen in that final week!

As always, you’ll find fantasy avatars, clothing, furnishings, gadgets and exclusive items available from almost 200 of Second Life’s top Fantasy Creators across thirteen stunning regions designed by some of the visionary artists behind many of the hottest spots on the Second Life destination guide.

In addition to the thirteen shopping regions there will also be four Faireland realms that take us beyond commerce, from a Memorial Garden to the Fairelands Quest, the Literary Festival, Performance Stages, from Art Galleries to the Worldling Collection. These bring the Fairelands count for 2020 to seventeen regions, just waiting for you to explore them.

Fantasy Faire 2020 will be open to the public April 23 – May 10. The SLurl to the event will, as always, be found on the website on our opening day. We welcome you to come and join the story.

Fantasy Faire 2020 is made possible by the generous support of our Region and Event Sponsors, all of whom you can learn more about on the Faire’s website. For more information please contact one of the Faire coordinators:

Are you or a loved one battling cancer? Find out how many ways the American Cancer Society is there to help. Visit or call (US) 800-ACS-2345.

RFL in SL:

American Cancer Society SLurl:

~ Official Press Release