Relay Warrior

“Relay For Life brings the progress against cancer to the forefront. Many participants are our family, friends and neighbors who have dealt with cancer themselves. Their involvement is proof of the progress that has been not only reducing death rates, but also in the quality of life following cancer treatment.”~ Melinda Schwartz Petrichor & TRAP … Continue reading Relay Warrior

Goodbye to You

“What was it like to lose him?” Asked Sorrow.There was a long pause before I responded: It was like hearing every goodbye ever said tome—said all at once.”~ Lang Leav, Love & Misadventure LeLUTKA  – Fleur Head 2.5 YS&YS – Kaylee Tone 03 BOM Skins for Lelutka Evolutions alaskametro –  Rebel makeup palette – eyeshadow 01 … Continue reading Goodbye to You

The Lion Queen

Who needs a king when you can have a queen! What I’m wearing: From Fantasy Faire Birth ‘Glimmer Custom Eye System @ Auxentios Pass Birth ‘Smouldering’ Effect (ForGlimmerEyes) @ Auxentios Pass The Little Bat Aelia Tattoo + Dermal @ Autumnium .AiShA. Myrcella Dress Teal @ Melusina’s Depths Rise Design Mythos Set @ Melusina’s Depths  Mainstore … Continue reading The Lion Queen