The Bakery

“The nourishment of body is food, while the
nourishment of the soul is feeding others.”
~ Hazrat Ali Ibn Abu-Talib A.S

Del-ka Aedilis

The Roman Bakery Set (gacha)

14 common items:

Nr. 2: Leaning Shovels 1LI
Nr. 3: Bread Board 2LI
Nr. 4: Bread Basekt 2LI
Nr. 5: Baking Ingredients 1LI
Nr. 6: Worktable 3LI
Nr. 7: Panis Quadratus Group 1LI
Nr. 8 Panis Quadratus Stack 2LI
Nr. 9: Libum Group 1LI
Nr. 10: Libum Stack 2LI
Nr. 11: Panis Aromaticus Group 1LI
Nr. 12: Panis Aromaticus Stack 2LI
Nr. 13 Market Cart 6LI
Nr. 14: Shop Counter 1LI
Nr. 15: Spice Rack 3LI

Libum is a very ancient Roman version of something like a cheesecake. A recipe is given in Cato’s “De Agri Cultura” as an offering to the gods. You can also offer it to your Saturnalia guests.

Panis Quadratus:
Simple bread that has been represented in the archaeological records at Pompeii and Herculaneum.

Panis Aromaticus:
Spiced roman bread, after a recipe of Plinius, containing cumin, fennel, anise and coriander, baked on laurel leaves.

Most of the items are mod and trans, only the market cart and the bread basket art not modify and have a resizer script instead. Worktable is neither mod nor resizable because of the working animation in it.

1 RARE item:

Nr1. Oven 3LI
Fire of the oven can be turned off per klick
Oven can be closed by using the menu and click oven door.

If you have the set of 15 items complete und wish to have it as a copy, (partly) mod version, please pack all the items in one folder and and send it to Karport Resident with a notecard containing your sl name. You will get a copy package within 48 hours in return.
This is an option only for the Roman Bakery Gacha, not for every gacha of Del-ka Aedilis.

Del-ka Aedilis – Civitas Series – Bakery (c,m)

Del-ka Aedilis -The Meadery – Storage Goods 2LI c,m

Thank you Nea Narstrom ♥
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[Tia] Little Herb Hanger

The Black Forest Medieval Candle Chandelier – Middle

DMC Wallshield Baker with belt

Old World Medieval sack v1

Old World Medieval sack of eggs

aisling Theresa

Fantasy Faire 2021 Tour


If Second Life had A Super Bowl, World Series, or Wrestlemania of events, Fantasy Faire would be it! I love all the events that we have year-round but none come close to being what Fantasy Faire is, what it does what it means to so many.

I’ve been blogging this event since 2013 and it’s the one event that I can say blows me away every single time and I’m saying that as someone who started as a shopper well before I even thought about blogging. I always say they really outdid themselves this year but it’s not just this year, it’s EVERY year and it’s not just in one area either. They make sure every single part of Fantasy Faire is top-notch, whether it’s the shopping, the sim designs, or the events they pack in during the two weeks they are open. Their attention to detail makes this yearly event a must-see for not only Fantasy lovers but for anyone who marvels at what someone or in this case what a group of creative minds can do.

I say this every year and I’ll say it in the future, don’t take my word for it! VISIT FANTASY FAIRE! Check out the sim designs, the shopping, and the events. There is something for everyone. ♥

Teleport to Faireland Junction

Fantasy Faire 2021 Shopping Guide

Role Play 2021 (they also will be having RP classes) Info

Arts & Entertain Info

Live at The FairChylde Party Schedule
I’ll be back once again to provide the soundtrack for the Jailing of Alia Baroque
(more info coming soon!)

The Literary Festival Info

There alot more going on during Fantasy Faire and the best place to keep up on all of it is their official website.

GolGothica – Dark Fantasy Role Play

Golgothicas story has yet to be written. It does not contain a cut and dried storyline or well-defined character types. The detailed, mysterious, Gothic landscape will hopefully inspire those who come here to discover with others what its story is and why things are as they are. It is an open book, the first chapter is a simple description of the place and the locations. But who lives here, what they do, and why, is in the creative minds of those who come to dwell here. What is your story, how did you come to be here, what is this place? It is called Golgothica.
~ Introduction NC you can pick up at the landing point.

The notecard also contains the first chapter of the story playing out during role play but you’ll have to check that out for yourself. 

Another notecard you can grab at the landing point is about huds & meters and how they don’t make role play.

The following is just me thinking aloud and passing on some personal opinions which arose as an unspoken reply to a short exchange of IM’s I had with someone who seemed to think that RP sims that did not have a Games system, HUD, combat meter etc, attached were doomed to failure. Now although this may well be true, there was also an implied sense that RP now had to have such a system or it was not really RP.

It’s a long read but after reading it I feel like this is a place that I would want to learn more about.

There wasn’t much going on while I was there but from the sign at the landing point, they seem to be fairly new.

The sim design fits very well with the theme but finding your way around can be a bit of a challenge at first, once you figure it out you’ll have no problem.

I hope to see them take off and continue the great story they have started.

Here’s the landmark for GolGothica so you can check it out for yourself.