State of Me


“My eyes adjust and I’m okay
But I’m not gonna put up with this one more day
I can’t find the exit sign
But when I do, I’ll bolt into the sunlight

Some may fear running to the unknown
But please, just tell me where else can we go
Look at the state of me”

~ Lacey Sturm, State of Me



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“Everything that moves on the earth leaves a story.”
~ Tom Brown Jr.



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“And this spirit was the Diabolus sylvarum, the spirit of the forest and
the wolves, whose home is in the marshes and the wilds, a spirit doughty
and fearless, a spirit strong and free, yet also a furious one and a violent,
beyond all understanding, winged like the storm-wind and burning as
the heart of the world, but enslaved in the chains of Darkness.”
~ Aino Kallas (Sudenmorsian)

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